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Gaganjeet Bhullar

My carrier goal was to be a professional golfer and win major titles. Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, a qualified Sports Psychologist and Mind Trainer has been instrumental in my recent success who has trained my subconscious mind towards realizing my goals.

I focus better and set goals for every round, use my memory to play every shot before teeing off and delete Negative thoughts form my mind, because of Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal my vision of the game has changed and I am more confident golfer today. He developed positive thoughts, achieve active relaxation and improved my mental strength.

The main thing which I changed is focusing on repeating a goal rather than focusing on the result .I learned how to tap the powers of Self Hypnosis, dreams and subconscious mind. After my slint with Mr.Pradeep hings are certainly looking up & more confident,aggressive ,focused towards my goals.

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