NLP and Golf


NLP and golf are a natural fit. They form the proverbial hand in glove relationship. NLP is based on modeling, so what better than to model the best golfers in the world and use their mental game strategies to improve your game?

As a Master Practitioner/Trainer in NLP I modeled the best golfers in the world over a period of 30 years and developed numerous strategies for improving performance and lowering scores. This is what happens when you merge NLP and Golf. The mental game system is an owner's manual for the mental game of golf. If there's a process that assists you in playing to your full potential.

Golf is truly one of the most mentally demanding games on the planet. NLP and Golf is all about experiencing personal excellence through the application of mental strategies.

NLP in golf is about managing your mind

This NLP golf training is based on NLP processes, whole brain learning applications and advanced mental imagery.

Applying NLP in your golf game frees the grip your conscious mind has on things and allows you to stay in the moment and play the game. Accessing you optimal performance state is the key to playing the best you can play, regardless of your handicap. Look at this product as an excellent resource for creating optimal performance states.

There seems to be so much time for us to unravel and get distracted over the course of a round. So what do we do to improve our game knowing this reality? It all comes down to states.

If you are serious about improving your scores and increasing your satisfaction then you must learn how to step into your most resourceful and effective states possible. And then anchor these states to various triggers so you can play the game from a state of flow.

Flow is a state of oneness, effortlessness and pure pleasure. The essence of flow is to unconsciously play the game from a place of inner excellence and stillness.

NLP golf exercises

NLP Exercises - Have you ever used any NLP golf exercises before? Are you new to NLP or have you been exposed to its incredible powers? If you are new to NLP read this first.

Let's jump right into a simple process so you can explore the relationship between golf and NLP. I encourage you to take your time with this. Don't just scan the exercise and rip through it casually. NLP golf exercise:

Right now recall a time when you played golf extremely well. A time when you played to your own personal peak. It doesn't matter if you are a high or low handicapper.

What was happening around you? Was it sunny, warm, bright? Are you talking to yourself in this moment and/or what else do you hear? If you are speaking within then notice the tone of your voice. What are you saying to yourself within?

Be aware of the quality of your feelings as you play your best golf. If you were to give these feelings a label what would you call it? Satisfied, relaxed, and fulfilled, confident, calm, blissful? Where do you feel these feelings of playing your best golf?

This seemingly superficial exploration of your internal states provides a doorway to your potential as a player. If you took the time to get a little deeper into this you'll have noticed many powerful distinctions. Distinctions that can catapult your game to new heights even if you're not clear on how just yet.

Why is this valuable and how will it directly improve your game? By understanding how you design your internal environment, your "inner game", you have the key to your own personal peak performance state. Then by learning how to "stack" these states and link them to physical and environmental triggers you will reach a level in your game that you may have only dreamed about up until now

I created several NLP exercises that you can use to improve performance, lower your score, produce phenomenal shots under pressure and experience the state of pure flow. If you haven't experienced this yet you are in for the ultimate treat.

All of our practice, mental rehearsals, focus, commitment and overall dedication to this game is centered on one thing: the direct, personal experience of flow. Some like to call it the zone. This is the stage of personal mastery when your mind and the object of your attention become one. There is no separation between you and your actions. Remember the NLP golf exercises above? Did you notice that sense of flow? Of being in the zone? Like most people you played with that wonderful sense of ease and truly enjoyed the process of the game and released any concern about the outcome. This is where we're going with NLP in golf. The material I created in Every Golfer's Guide to the Development and Mastery of their Inner Game gives you sensory specific exercises that lead directly into your own unique peak states of excellence.

By practicing the many mental game strategies in the book and listening to the accompanying audio coaching sessions, you will absolutely increase your joy AND shoot the lowest scores of your life. I don't need to hype things. NLP works. All you need is the right approach and the right coach.

Using NLP in Golf

Every golfer knows that the hardest 6 inches on the golf course is that which lies between their ears! And yet, many are unable to make the mental game changes that are needed to improve their game...some are not even aware that they have within them the capability to improve their game by changing the way they think.

How many people try and buy a quick fix improvement in their game? Perhaps that £400 driver may give me an extra 10 yards? Maybe that new set of clubs is just what I need to knock a couple of shots from my handicap? Putting going wrong? Will a new expensive putter change my game?

STOP! THINK! how about investing a little in the thing that makes the real difference…….your mind.

Test yourself – how strong is your mental game ?

Do you play better in practice than on the course?
Do you get frustrated, angry or anxious on the course?
Are you distracted by things happening around you on the course?
Have you ever blown a good score…choked…missed a really short putt?
Do you limit your performance by doubting your ability?
Do you see the hazards…always go in that bunker?
Do you want to improve your game, win, lower your handicap?

How NLP can help ?


Goal-setting – Iidentify SMART goals and what you need to do to achieve them, then putting your goals into your timeline to realize them.

Beliefs – Iisn’t it great to believe that you can do? Green light means go…and you can.

Motivation– Knowing what you want to achieve and doing it for yourself is the key…avoid having your motivation threatened by other people. Practice is only effective if you are practicing the right things. Mental game practice is as important as the physical game. Strategies and anchors can keep you focused and in the right mental state to play your best golf.

During the game

Staying focused In the zone – is the key. NLP techniques enable you to maintain a positive emotional state throughout. Timeline therapy can help you get rid of those limiting beliefs that were holding you back. Anchoring can help you feel confident as soon as you step onto the tee. Swish patterns can help you feel great when you have a good score…and go for it. Put those bad shots behind you and get on with the game. And strategies can allow the distractions to enable you to focus even more on playing great golf.


Most golfers I know reflect on the things that went wrong – and that’s OK to learn from those experiences…and then you can dump the negative emotions that may be associated with them. Hold on to those great shots, capture those great feelings and map them onto future events.