Why golf is more than just a physical sport

Golf is quite different from other sports. It’s a game which deals with your mind power. The more comfortable you are in the zone, the best your game will be. Know yourself and master your mind.

Before you begin your game tension creeps in to your mind whether you will be able to give your best shot or not. As you are nervous while playing, your nerves will become tight and because of this you won’t be able to perform your good swing.

Take Tiger woods for example. He not only plays well on the course but also he stays calm on the zone. He understands his game, listens to his mind, visualizes his line on the course, while the majority of golfers hit the shot without thinking.

You must have noticed that when you play your practice session you give your best shot. This happens because you arent bothered about your mistakes and errors. You are not bothered about your results. So in the same manner you have to play your best swing and should not think of errors and mistakes.

Golf hypnosis can really assist you in developing a proper state of mind on the golf course. Hypnosis for golf helps to achieve peak performance. As you know we have conscious and subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will work only when your conscious mind is off guard.

Hypnosis will help you to visualize the type of game you want to play. The visualization takes place in your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event. It accepts everything that it is coming to it as real. This is how powerful your subconscious mind is, Yes of course, this is why it "works" yet this is also why it is dangerous.


Mind clutter will lead to poor score in golf

There are many circumstances when our mind starts to fretting and worrying. And it happens with golfers too, even in the moments when its time to make a good shot. We must agree that controlling our thoughts while playing is the greatest challenge in the game. Mind clutter will lead you to poor score.

Many golfers dissect their rounds afterwards by replaying their bad shots over and over in their minds trying to figure out what went wrong. Once we get the concept of conscious and subconscious mind we can do a lot towards the mental side of our game to reach our potential.

When you go for your next round in golf, your mind will be fully stuffed with how you played before. Negative thoughts will be rolling round and round into your mind. The more you try to give your best shot the more difficult it becomes. Remember that your subconscious mind does not know the difference between positive or negative thoughts, it just accepts the more repetitive thought or action.

When you step into the zone give a great long shot. Turn on your positive emotions that you gave a great putt. Create an anchor that you do every time you hit a shot exactly the way you planned.

What you need to do from next time onwards is forget about your bad shot. See how much you can improve from it? Analyze that your swing is becoming different every time you play its becoming perfect.


Golf hypnosis for success

All of you might be aware of the concept of hypnosis it is going into deep trance. But some people have a misconception about hypnosis. They often think that they will be made to go in trance and their secrets will be revealed.
There absolutely nothing to be afraid of hypnosis sessions whether you do it for yourself or with help from a professional.

Milton Erickson, the father of modern hypnosis says that hypnosis is: "concentrating on your thoughts, values, memories and about life. Hypnosis is enhanced suggestibility and it's most effective through imagery. Its is a trance like state. It’s the state between sleeping and waking. So I assure you that there is absolutely nothing to be fearful of from hypnosis".

Greg Louganis and Tiger Woods, both from different generations and from different sports use mental imagery to achieve peak performance in sports. Tiger woods visualizes himself producing the perfect swing and playing the perfect shot and he his best. He doesn’t hit bunkers because in his mental images they don’t exist.

Can hypnosis really help to improve your golf game?

Yes, It helps you to improve your game and also to achieve peak performance. Golf is perfectly a mind game. You can achieve success not by much practice but with your mental thinking. You just notice how much of your golf performance is controlled by your thinking. It is definitely more than you realize. Though you understand the game, but it’s a challenge to go from tee to the green without getting frustrated. One bad shot and your confidence is gone.

Over load your subconscious mind with positive feelings, confidence, resourceful and powerful images of personal excellence. The more habituated the images are in your mind, the more repetitive positive self talk, the more dominant feelings you carry, the more you experience them in reality.


Reduce your score through golf hypnosis

In the last article we have discussed the myths about hypnosis. Now let’s discuss more about hypnosis and how it helps to reduce your golf score.

The mind controls our body: the movements, feelings, emotions and everything. So obviously your swing will be directed by your mind. Therefore your mind must be strong enough. You can even play your game without practice, you just need to be mentally prepared.

Strengthen the weaker side of mind by doing some activities like thinking logically, analytical work. The self-hypnosis program can really help you, change your golf game forever…

The only requirement is to motivate yourself and get better every time you play. The rewards will be great but you must be willing to train your inner mind and practice my special techniques faithfully -- until they kick in as habit.

To reduce your score and to have consistency in every shot you must learn how to take control of your inner mind.

The following things have to be done while you are on the golf course :

1. Avoid mental chatter : A state of confusion and conflicting thoughts occur while you are on the zone. This is what we call ‘Golf Stress’. So maintain mental calmness while you are on the zone.
2. Plan a Pre-Shot swing : Mental golf is an art in itself and it needs practice. You give your best shot when you are on the practice tee. This happens because you are not bothered about your results so in the same manner play your round like a practice tee.
3. Don’t annoy yourself for a bad shot : If you hit a bad drive on the course don’t be upset. It is not the end. Don’t tense your nerves. When you make a bad shot, try to understand your mistakes and learn from that. As soon as you identify your mistake, eradicate the bad shot from you mind. This is because your subconscious mind stores it and when you play he next shot it will give you the suggestion about that same bad shot.
4. Trust yourself for your game :  Trust yourself that actually you do have the power to train your inner mind to do what you want it to do. If you really want to improve your golf score trust your mental ability and trust your swing. Address the ball for your next shot, allow your mind to focus on the shot.
5. Don’t divert your mind :   While you are on the fairway playing your shot don’t allow your mind to clutter? Before you take the next swing, think about your mental swing, is your focus on the target or on the audience?
  As Tiger woods says, “Grab hold of your mind and your body will follow.”